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Choosing a domain name
A domain name is the alias that identifies a certain organizations' presence on the Internet. For example, the World Health Organization uses the Internet address The choice, which you make for your personal or business domain name can result in a big impact on the image of your company, it can also directly reflect on the success of your activities on the Internet. Currently there aren't any particular rules regulating the registration and usage of domain names. This is good, since it grants people the opportunity to choose freely the name that is most appropriate for them. On the other hand, this means that the name you would like to register is probably already taken by someone else. If you don't manage to register your desired domain name on time, your chosen domain name might elude you for quite a long time, possibly even forever. It's a fairly safe move to take steps for protecting your desired domain name right now to insure your future presence on the Internet.
Why register now?
Once you have registered a suitable domain name on the World Wide Web, you'll receive a unique identity for yourself, or the company/brand you represent.
Since many companies share similar names, it's very important to register a relevant domain name for your own personal or business needs as soon as possible. Currently, the most popular domain names on the Internet are the .com domains.

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